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Resistance wire electrically heated glass processing technology

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Update time : 2022-12-30 14:00:00

The commonly used electrically heated glass mainly has three kinds of technology: resistance wire heating, ITO conductive film heating, nano coating anti-fog. Among them, the resistance wire electric heating glass is a kind of electric heating anti-fog glass which has been used for a long time and has mature technology. Resistance wire electrically heated glass is easy to distinguish from the appearance, you will see slender heating wire evenly distributed on the surface of the glass.

Resistance wire electrically heated glass processing technology:

1. Calculate the number and layout of resistance wires. The specifications and sizes of electrically heated glass customized by different customers are different, so it is necessary to scientifically calculate the number and arrangement of resistance wires according to the actual glass size, and then process.

2. Prepare two pieces of flat glass as the base material, parallel grooves are arranged on both sides of one piece of glass substrate, and metal gaskets are fixed in the grooves at both ends.

3. Then the resistance wire is evenly distributed on the glass surface, and the solder joint is fixed on the gasket at both ends.

4. After welding, attach transparent fixed film.

5. Then glue or hollow out the glass.

Although the resistance wire electrically heated glass is not as beautiful as ITO conductive film electric heating glass in appearance, it has good thermal conductivity stability, high thermal conductivity efficiency and long service life. Electric heating glass solves the problem of frost and fog forming on the surface of observation window under low temperature and high humidity, which affects visual observation.

Resistance wire electrically heated glass safety problems:

Resistance wire electrically heated glass is a kind of electronic glass composite product for human safety, each piece of glass needs to be configured with transformer 24V or 36V, into a safe voltage, so that we are in contact with the glass is safe, will not cause harm to the human body, after electricity uniform heating temperature rise is maintained at 40℃, not overheating, safe to use.

Electric heating glass can be used for observation Windows, holes, etc., can be used for refrigeration equipment, cake cabinet glass; Marine, aircraft, automobile windscreen, widely used.

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