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Shower room suitable for laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-02-03 18:00:00

The real safe glass is laminated glass, tempered laminated. The tempered glass commonly used in shower rooms has a defect that can't withstand the normal bump of conical hard objects. In particular, the four corners, in the lack of structural maintenance, with a hammer easily broken, but after breaking the particle size is similar to honeycomb obtuse small particles, greatly reducing the harm to the human body. But these glass slag will be scattered on the ground, especially when taking a bath without maintenance, it will still be harmed. Unless toughened glass with explosion-proof film, to prevent the splash of glass slag, and low cost.

Laminated glass may also self-explode or crash, but there is no harm, because after the glass is broken, single or double pieces of glass will stick tightly to the PVB film between the laminated glass. Generally, one side is cracked, the other side is still good, even if the glass is broken on one side of the shower room can still be used. When the glass at both ends is broken, the glass fragments will not fall and hurt people, the whole broken glass will still stand in place, the fragments will not relax, and will not cause any harm to the human body.

In fact, there is no need to worry, a good shower room brand on the shower room all structural safety requirements continue to improve, innovation, the choice of structure, a variety of tie rod force structure, wall planning is very safe. Although the glass is broken, like laminated glass or toughened glass with explosion-proof film, the whole piece of broken glass will still stand in place and not fall down because of the metal support.
When the glass is broken by impact, the fragments are stuck by PVB, which can effectively prevent or reduce the damage to the human body. Just form a radial crack, adhere to the original shape and visibility, in a certain time can continue to use. Special laminated glass can also be made of heat-absorbing glass, heat-reflecting glass, color glass and conductive film glass. It is mainly used in transportation vehicles and buildings where there are special requirements.

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