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Silk screen glass processing selection requirements

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Update time : 2023-01-28 11:00:00

Silk screen glass processing in the selection of screen printing machine: choose high precision screen printing machine, to plate lifting screen printing machine is good, before the start of screen printing, to screen printing machine for accurate debugging, to ensure the smooth progress of screen printing.

Printed glass according to user requirements may shape or size rules, need to cut glass as required. Then the edge grinding, and then cleaning, until the glass is completely dry before use. Special attention should be paid to the fact that there should be no water marks on the glass surface, otherwise the final silk screen effect will be seriously affected.

The selection of ink in the processing of silk screen glass: in the screen printing of glass, the covering power of silk screen printing ink is stronger than that of offset printing ink, so yellow, green, black four color transparent glass toughened ink should be used.
Silk screen glass in the process of selection of stretched screen: using the correct stretched screen process, screen tension uniform stability is very important, tension changes will affect the ink through the degree of difficulty, resulting in the change of dot shape. If the screen tension is not uniform, in screen printing, ink will produce different penetration. Dot will produce different deformation in different areas and appear moire. In order to ensure the accuracy of overprint and the stability of screen printing process parameters, four-color screen screen printing requires four screen screen tension not only to reach an appropriate level, and the tension value should be consistent as far as possible, just stretched good net can not be immediately applied to production, to be placed for more than two days, so that the tension tends to be stable. The choice of mesh size should also be consistent and the best choice of metal mesh frame. At the same time, ensure that the mesh and the mesh frame as horizontal and vertical as possible. The requirements of the stretched net are uniform tension, the longitude and latitude lines of the net remain vertical, the glue should be firm, screen printing can not relax.

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