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Some factors affecting the quality of optical glass after cleaning

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Update time : 2022-12-07 10:00:00

The corrosion of optical glass is a kind of chemical corrosion caused by the PH of polishing powder and polishing water, the use time of polishing liquid tends to be alkaline, and the humid air and acid gas in the surrounding environment, following the whole process of polishing glass and polishing footwall. Transmitted light observation is often used to test various lenses, glass plates and small-angle wedges. Reflected light observation is often used to test prisms, large Angle wedges, and other parts that facilitate the use of reflected light for observation. Factors affecting the quality of glass after cleaning and corresponding solutions:

(1) The quality of the optical glass itself and the situation of pollution, mainly: the surface has mold spots, bubbles, scratches, etc., in mechanical treatment, such as: grinding, rubbing, stress measurement, human-caused pollution is different.

(2) the choice of cleaning agent, its movement and temperature, water quality.

The most widely used cleaning agents are CFC-113, carbon tetrachloride, 1-1-1 trichloroethane, etc. Such cleaning agents damage the ozone layer and belong to non-environmental protection cleaning agents; Non-ods water alkaline cleaning agent, mainly composed of water, alkali, surfactants, rust-proof materials, has a strong ability to dissolve oil; Features: low toxicity, non-flammable, low cleaning cost; Apply neutral protective paint after polishing the footwall of optical glass. In addition to the above supplementary effects, the main purpose is to protect the polished surface of optical glass from chafing.

(3) The concentration of solution directly affects the cleaning degree of optical glass.

Usually, the PH value of the cleaning solution is generally between 8.5 and 12. If the PH value is greater than 10, the effect of surface active substances on the side will be weakened. When the PH value is greater than 12, the cleanliness of the side will decrease. In practice, it is found that when the solution concentration is too large, more than 15%, the cleaning effect is not good, not easy to rinse, and the concentration is about 4%-7%, the side cleaning effect is better.

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