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Sound insulation effect of laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-02-02 14:00:00

Now life in order not to be disturbed by all kinds of noise, many families have installed sound-proof doors and Windows. Soundproof doors and Windows need to use glass with soundproof performance. At present, glass with soundproof effect is commonly used, which can be divided into two types: laminated glass and insulating glass.

The volume insulation performance of laminated glass is mainly determined by the actual thickness of the glass, the thickness of the laminated film and the soft vibration damping performance of the laminated film. The general laminated glass is actually sandwiched between things is PVB intermediate film with polyvinyl butyral as the main component. But the sound insulation glass sandwiched between things is sound insulation film (sound insulation damping glue), it can play a key role in the weakening and filtering of sound transmission, glass products with sound insulation function is actually a kind of laminated glass. The more soft and elastic the sound insulation film (sound insulation damping glue) in laminated glass, the more it can increase the sound insulation damping coefficient of laminated glass, so as to improve the sound insulation quantity of laminated glass.

The sound insulation volume of ordinary PVB glass is only 28-34 dB, and the sound insulation volume of sound insulation film (sound insulation damping glue) can reach 35-40 dB or even higher. The anastomosing effect of laminated glass appears at about 3000Hz, which is far away from the traffic noise of medium and low frequency. It is the ideal soundproof glass used in the busy traffic road at present.
Although laminated glass also has good sound insulation effect, it is still lacking. The damping material of the middle layer will slowly reduce its performance because of the rise of temperature, but it can achieve quite good sound insulation effect after adjustment of the composition of the middle film and technical treatment, which is incomparable to insulating glass and vacuum glass. Of course, laminated sound insulation glass due to different manufacturers of different technical content, the sound insulation effect is not the same.

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