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Soundproof window frame selection

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Update time : 2023-02-22 16:00:00

There are three kinds of soundproof window frame: one is aluminum alloy frame, one is plastic steel frame, the other is broken bridge aluminum frame. In the process of choosing soundproof Windows, many customers wonder, what is the best choice of external frame soundproof effect? We have to judge from several aspects:

1. From the production process of the outer frame profile:

Soundproof window selection of aluminum alloy profile using strength industrial aluminum profile, different from ordinary aluminum alloy profile, specially used to embed special soundproof glass, general soundproof window aluminum alloy frame belongs to the custom type, rather than the general market, can do more accurate, more sealed; And the plastic steel frame and the broken bridge aluminum frame are the use of the original profile directly cut processing, and then assembled, the connection between the frame and the acoustic glass sealing type is not so ideal.

2. From the main uses of sound insulation window frame profile:

The special aluminum alloy outer frame has good rigidity and high hardness, which is suitable for sound insulation and dust prevention. The plastic steel profile and the broken bridge aluminum profile are mainly used for heat insulation, heat preservation effect is more. Here will be respectively from the principle of plastic steel and broken bridge aluminum profile to tell.

The so-called plastic steel with PVC, resin as the main raw material, plus a certain proportion of stabilizer, colorant, filler, UV absorber, etc., by extrusion profiles. The design of plastic steel profile multi-cavity structure has achieved the effect of heat insulation.

The broken bridge aluminum is aluminum alloy from the middle of the open, it uses hard plastic will break the aluminum alloy as a whole, we know that plastic heat conduction is obviously slower than metal, so that the heat is not easy to pass through the whole material, the heat insulation performance of the material will become good. Therefore, the thermal insulation performance of broken bridge aluminum is also good.

In contrast, the outer frame of the soundproof window is better than the aluminum alloy outer frame and the broken bridge aluminum outer frame.

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