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Specification for fire resistant glass partitions

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Update time : 2023-03-20 18:00:00

Fire resistant glass partition must meet certain standards. Fire rating is determined by running a two-part test. The first stage involves exposing the glass to high temperatures in a furnace. This test ensures that the glass stays together within the frame. Even though the glass may break, it must hold back the flame for a specified amount of time. A typical fire-resistant glass partition spans two areas of a solid wall.

Specification for fire resistant glass partition: Fireproof partition up to 3.6m high and 1.8m wide. This fire safety system is ideal for large projects because it offers almost unlimited design and construction options. The fire-resistant structure also makes the interior space appear larger.

Fire resistant glass is tested in furnaces in the same way as other fire-resistant materials. After the specified time and temperature, the glass system must remain intact to resist heat and fire. Commercial tempered glass provides low fire resistance and is not recommended for heavy duty applications.

Fire resistant glass screens have three main characteristics. It prevents smoke, flames and hot air from passing through. It also limits the transfer of heat. It also slows down the time it takes for the fuel to start smoking or ignite. Fire resistant glass partitions can also be made of two different types of glass.
Fire resistant glass is harder than other types of glass, but it can last longer and withstand higher temperatures than float glass. Tempered and tempered glass, on the other hand, can withstand temperatures up to 260 degrees. Public areas, escape routes and staircases require fire-resistant glass. However, it cannot be used with external partitions.

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