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Stained glass technology

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Update time : 2023-01-28 16:00:00

At present, there are two kinds of stained glass on the market, one is through modern digital technology output in the film or PP paper color pattern painting art and plate glass through industrial viscose bonding, each other bright. In order to achieve the beauty of the same time to strengthen the explosion-proof and other functions, and widely used in home moving door (sliding door). At the same time transparent, semi-transparent, opaque effect, patterns can be customized, size, color, pattern can be randomly matched, safe and more personality is not easy to be the same at the same time and production quickly. Its advantage is simple operation, cheap price; The disadvantage is easy to fade, time to maintain not long.

There is also a more traditional process is pure hand-painted stained glass process, painted glass and stained glass the biggest difference is in a "painting" word. Use a brush or other painting tool to draw on the glass according to the design drawings or renderings. It can paint on colored glass or colorless glass.

Using glass as canvas and special materials as paint. After three to five high or low temperature firing, the birth of the stained glass this wonderful product. Special production process, so that the pattern on the painted glass will never fade, not afraid of acid and alkali corrosion, and easy to clean.
The machining mechanism of powder mixed EDM mirror is the basis of powder mixed EDM mirror machining technology. In this paper, the machining mechanism of powder mixed EDM mirror was studied deeply, and two factors affecting the surface roughness of EDM machining, namely, depth of discharge pitting and uniform distribution of discharge pitting, were taken as the starting point, and the fundamental reason that powder mixed EDM mirror machining can reduce the machining surface roughness was pointed out. In view of the characteristics of powder mixing EDM mirror processing and the requirements on powder mixing working fluid, the shortcomings of the existing powder mixing EDM mirror processing devices were analyzed systematically, and a new powder mixing EDM mirror processing device was designed and manufactured. In the new device, the structure of the blanking mixing mechanism was changed.

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