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Stainless steel railings use laminated glass reasons

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Update time : 2023-02-13 14:00:00

The use of stainless steel columns in the balcony has been very common, in the attention to the modern city buildings are the use of stainless steel columns, many users are also understanding whether the glass of the stainless steel railing needs to be laminated glass. In fact, in the decoration of modern houses that we pay attention to, professional construction companies recommend the use of stainless steel columns. But in the choice of stainless steel column, many people are consulting whether it is necessary to use laminated glass, here from a professional point of view.

On the one hand, in the structure of modern houses, balconies belong to the edge of hanging, that is, the balconies of the houses built by families belong to hanging. So in the selection of glass, we should try to choose safety glass. What is safety glass? In fact, on the one hand, we should ensure that the effect of impact resistance is better, it is not easy to be damaged, and there is also good cushioning.
Of course, this will be much better for the safety of the guardrail, because we are the use of safety glass, in the overall performance than ordinary glass will be better. And after the use of double layer of glass, in the middle of the glue, not easy to damage, after all, there is a layer of glue inside can play a good effect to eliminate the impact. In the current use of laminated glass, we can do an experiment, at the beginning is to use a piece of ordinary glass with a frame for fixing, and then see how much force impact can cause glass damage, and in the later stage with the same laminated glass for testing.

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