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Supporting structure of point glass curtain wall

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Update time : 2023-01-17 16:00:00

The supporting structure is an important part of the point glass curtain wall, which can transfer the wind load, temperature difference, its own weight and seismic load to the main structure.

All glass structure point curtain wall: all glass structure point glass curtain wall is composed of curtain wall surface glass and glass rib. Among them, the structure that resists transverse load, especially wind load is mainly borne by plane glass ribs. As the all-glass structure is a glass main bearing structure, when the glass curtain wall is large in size and high in height, the glass characteristics, component size and production process not only affect the glass partition of the facade.

Column supporting system: column supporting point-type glass curtain wall with steel column as supporting structure, point-type member from the column protruding, so as to support the curtain wall glass. The characteristics of the system are higher bearing capacity, greater stiffness, and the connection of the glass details of the structure is more simple, can hang a larger area or thicker single-sided glass. Therefore, this structure form is more suitable for large span column spacing and the application of special glass buildings.

Truss support system: This type of support system glass curtain wall uses various types of truss structure as the force support system, from the truss protruding claws to connect the glass. Trusses bear transverse and vertical loads, while glass only transmits transverse wind loads. Therefore, glass curtain walls of rod truss system are sub-load-bearing structures.

Cable truss supporting system: cable truss supporting system is actually a variation of the truss system, that is, the steel cable as the tie rod of the truss system, the combination of the bearing rod as the glass supporting structure, through the application of prestress to produce the in-plane stiffness, the prestressed cable truss structure system.
Cable mesh supporting system: The cable mesh supporting system is composed of crossed horizontal cables and vertical cables. The structure of the system is simple and clear, and the arrangement is flexible. At the same time, it has the permeability that other glass curtain wall supporting systems cannot achieve, and compared with glass curtain wall with glass ribbed plate, it has the characteristics of strong texture.

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