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Technical quality requirements for tempered laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-02-06 14:00:00

The technical quality requirements of tempered laminated glass are mainly reflected in the following aspects. The variety and color of the glass shall meet the design requirements (the sample shall be confirmed by Party A or the designer), the quality shall meet the product inspection standards and provide the certificate of qualification. The safety glass shall have the mandatory certification mark and provide the copy of the certificate. All kinds of glass thickness must be uniform, smooth and flat, no bubbles, water lines, cracks, scratches, edge collapse, lack of corners. The side mirror must be edged. Paint glass on the same plane (in addition to the design provisions) must be the same color (consistent with the sample), no color difference. All glass (except as specified) shall be edged. After edging is finished, it shall be smooth and smooth without any marks.

The exposed side of tempered laminated glass must be smooth and smooth, without height difference. Seam or close seam glass seam is 1mm, seam size must be consistent, error is zero. Installation glass In the case of glass embedded in the wall, the part into the wall or steel frame must be pasted with abrasive paper. White mirror, paint glass installation, the back must be covered with white post-it notes.

Laminated glass has the obvious characteristics of ordinary glass and good permeability. The obvious characteristics of glass and other architectural decoration materials are strong permeability and good lighting.
Tempered laminated glass also has the characteristics of high strength. Laminated glass is often two or more layers of tempered glass glass processing. Tempered glass itself has high strength, good impact resistance and other characteristics, laminated glass is through special equipment and production process, with special film to make a single layer of tempered glass combined into two layers of laminated glass. Laminated glass is a reinforced, upgraded version of tempered glass, so its strength is higher.

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