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The advantage of fire resistant glass as a high compartment

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Update time : 2022-11-17 16:00:00

Fire resistant glass high compartment is a modern building, such as offices, large computer rooms, office buildings and other commonly used partition, the use of safety glass fireproof glass as a high compartment than ordinary toughened glass partition has more advantages:

1. Fire resistance, fire protection function is its advantage. Fire resistant glass compartment is made of class A or Class C fireproof glass, and equipped with fireproof metal frame and hardware accessories. A variety of profiles are processed and formed to create a good fireproof system and excellent overall performance.

2. Good flexibility. Fire resistant glass high compartment as a whole system, can be anytime and anywhere to exchange the position of the interval, easier to disassemble, less damage, can effectively reduce the transfer cost, save building materials costs.

3. Easy to install. Fire resistant glass high compartment can use hollow fireproof glass, in the glass can also be arranged equipment cable, so that the cable leakage, keep the whole environment clean, not messy. If the cable is faulty, there is no need to damage the ground, just check the cable condition in the glass.

4. Excellent quality. The high compartment made of fire resistant glass, its hardness is stronger than toughened glass, high hardness, fight against beating, earthquake resistance, even if the broken glass will not fall, high safety factor.

5. Sound insulation is good. The joints of the high compartment are carefully sealed with professional fireproof sealing rubber strips in order to achieve good fireproof effect, so the sound insulation effect is also good.
6. Easy to clean. Large glass and profile in cleaning, the use of professional glass cleaning tools and cleaners can easily remove dirt and dust, profile area is less, easy to clean. The high compartment is an integrated system with fewer dead corners and can be easily cleaned.

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