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The basic knowledge of sandblasted glass is fully detailed

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Update time : 2023-01-31 18:00:00

Sandblasted glass can make the whole landscape of homes, offices and even stores greatly changed, with good decorative effect, deeply loved by the majority of consumers. Let's look at the properties of glass.

(1) Glass can have a variety of design patterns, beautiful and generous, and the design is relatively novel, so the decorative effect is better.

(2) The glass is made of sand blasting mechanism, which has high efficiency and can greatly reduce energy consumption.

(3) When the sun shines directly on the glass, it will make the light produce chronic reflection, no perspective, so that the indoor light looks softer, not dazzling.

Rely on compressed air to drive abrasive to the surface of the workpiece, treatment and cleaning work is known as sandblasting, that is, we often say shot cleaning. Because sand is an abrasive that can be used, it is later called sandblasting.

The main product classification of sandblasted glass material is full sandblasting, stripe sandblasting, computer pattern sandblasting, etc., mainly used in indoor partition, decorative screen, bathroom, doors and Windows and other family decoration decoration, in the hotel can also often see glass. Need to remind you that in the process of glass production, the distance from the spray gun to the glass should be appropriate, the speed should be stable, so as to achieve the uniformity of the glass. In addition, it is important to note that after the completion of the glass must check whether there is more sand, so as to avoid the remaining emery scratch the glass surface.
Sandblasted glass microbeads are a common kind of glass microbeads in industry. Glass microbeads themselves have good strength. After processing, the mechanical strength of glass microbeads is also improved a lot, so glass microbeads are a better kind of glass microbeads products among grinding materials.

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