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The characteristics and application range of burglar proof glass

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Update time : 2023-05-17 09:04:40

Burglar proof glass is a special glass product with high security and protection function. It is on the basis of ordinary glass, through the use of special technology and materials, so that it has the ability of anti-theft, explosion-proof and bulletproof. This type of glass is widely used in construction, automobiles and other fields, effectively improving the level of safety and protection.


The main feature of burglar proof glass is that it has anti-theft function. Unlike ordinary glass, anti-theft glass uses a multilayer composite structure, which is sandwiched between layers with a special polymer film. This laminated structure makes the glass have high impact resistance, even if it is hit by a larger force, it is not easy to break. Even if it does break, the polymer film is effective in preventing debris from flying, reducing the threat to personal safety.


In addition, burglar proof glass also has explosion-proof and bulletproof characteristics. In some high-risk places, such as financial institutions, important government buildings or military installations, anti-theft glass can block the invasion of blast wave and debris, to protect the safety of people and property inside the building. In addition, in some special areas, such as the military and security agencies, the use of bulletproof glass can provide additional protection against the penetration of bullets.


Burglar proof glass has a wide range of applications. In the field of construction, it is widely used in high-end residential, commercial office buildings and public places such as Windows, Windows and partitions. In the automotive field, anti-theft glass is used in senior cars, commercial vehicles and special vehicles to provide security protection for the occupants of the car. In addition, some places such as jewelry stores, museums and art galleries also use anti-theft glass to protect precious objects from theft and vandalism.

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