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The characteristics of laminated hollow glass

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Update time : 2023-02-09 18:00:00

Laminated hollow glass is composed of two or more layers of flat glass. With high strength and high air tightness compound binder around, two or more pieces of glass and seal strip, glass strip bonding, sealing. Can be selected according to the requirements of a variety of different performance of the glass original, such as colorless transparent float glass embossed glass, heat-absorbing glass, heat-reflecting glass, wire glass, tempered glass and frame (aluminum frame or glass strip, etc.), by bonding, welding or heat and made.

Radiation transfer is the transfer of energy by rays in the form of radiation, including visible, infrared and ultraviolet radiation, just like the transmission of sunlight. The existence of active molecules such as water molecules in the air is the main factor affecting the conduction and convective transfer performance of laminated hollow glass energy. Therefore, improving the sealing performance of laminated insulating glass is an important factor to improve the insulation performance of insulating glass.

Optical properties Laminated hollow glass can have various optical properties according to the selected glass original. Its visible light transmittance ranges from 10% to 80%. The optical reflectance range is 25%-80%; The total transmittance ranges from 25% to 50%. Insulating properties Insulating glass has excellent insulating properties.
Under certain conditions, its adiabatic performance can be better than that of concrete walls. Sound insulation performance hollow glass has good sound insulation performance, and its sound insulation effect is usually related to the intensity of various types of noise. Generally, the noise can be reduced, that is, the noise of streets and cars can be reduced to the quiet level required by schools and classrooms. Condensation is inevitable when the temperature is too low, which will seriously affect the perspective and lighting of laminated insulating glass, and cause some other adverse effects.

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