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The characteristics of wired glass and laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-02-14 11:00:00

The characteristics of wired glass is superior fire resistance, can block the flame, high temperature combustion does not burst, broken will not cause debris hurt. In addition, wire glass has anti-theft performance, glass cut and barbed wire barrier. Wired glass is mainly used for roof skylights and balcony Windows.

Even if the laminated glass breaks, the fragments will be stuck to the film, and the broken glass surface of the laminated glass remains clean and smooth. This effectively prevents the splinter puncture injury and penetration fall event, to ensure the human body. For laminated glass has good anti - seismic invasion ability.

Although the laminated glass cracks in the fire, it will not collapse through the hole due to the support of wire or net, which can maintain the integrity to a considerable extent, prevent the flow of air, and have a better resistance to the spread of fire. Wired glass is also suitable for earthquake proof occasions, such as the earthquake protection requirements of the high building and industrial vibration of the building. Wire glass improves the brittle property of plate glass, and is a kind of cheap and widely used building glass.

Laminated glass used in home decoration can also have unexpected good results. For example, many home doors, including kitchen doors, are made of frosted glass. Cooking kitchen smoke is easy to accumulate in the above, if you use laminated glass instead, you will not have this trouble.
Laminated glass special UV filtering function, but also reduce the transmission of sunlight, reduce refrigeration energy consumption. Wired glass and laminated glass have their own advantages, in the end the choice of wire glass or laminated glass is good, depends on the individual needs.

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