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The complexity of glass curtain wall production process

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Update time : 2023-03-08 18:00:00

The complex process of making glass curtain walls requires a variety of skills. Moreover, the level of precision demanded by workers is difficult to control. In addition, heat-bending glass panels are prone to loosening and breaking. In order to overcome the difficulties of traditional manufacturing methods, a new method was developed. This method can reduce installation costs, lower maintenance rates, and reduce energy consumption for workers.

In addition to providing aesthetic advantages, curtain walls are also more robust and impact-resistant than storefront facades. Use multiple layers of glass with polymer coating layers to ensure it can withstand any weather. Custom design services can also be provided, and colors can be customized, giving customers great flexibility when choosing new glass curtain walls.

The curtain wall system must be properly cleaned before applying sealant. Proper cleaning prevents the sealant from delaminating. The manufacturer also provides instructions for using sealants in critical areas. Failure to do so may result in poor performance and even water damage. In addition, the sealant must be applied to the horizontal pressure plate and the horizontal spacers adjacent to the vertical spacers.

To ensure the quality of curtain wall installation, installers and manufacturers should develop a project quality control checklist. These checklists simplify the quality control process. They should include regular inspection and measurement to ensure accurate prefabrication installation. Misalignment of components can lead to serious complications if the prefabricated components are incorrectly sized.

Curtain wall systems differ from storefront systems in that they span multiple floors and allow for movement and thermal expansion of the building. They are also designed to reduce solar heat gain and maximize floor space. Curtain wall systems are also energy efficient, helping to reduce energy bills.
The complex process of glass curtain wall production involves several steps. Glass must be properly designed and formed to prevent structural failure. Otherwise, the glass will break or the seal will fail. In addition, improper installation can pose a danger to those below. Therefore, proper installation procedures and quality control procedures must be followed. Therefore, if you plan to install curtain wall glass, you must follow the correct guidelines.

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