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The difference between bulletproof glass and toughened laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-01-31 14:00:00

Bulletproof glass and toughened laminated glass are two types of glass that look very similar, so what are their characteristics and differences?

The composition and structure of bulletproof glass are similar to tempered laminated glass, which is made of glass and laminated material. The total thickness is generally above 20mm. With bulletproof, anti - pressure, reduce UV radiation and other characteristics. The bulletproof grade is directly proportional to the thickness of the bulletproof glass.

Tempered laminated glass, is on the basis of ordinary tempered glass plus more [polyvinyl butyrate ester (pvb) or EVA material (common in daily life with mobile phone case, slippers, etc.)] polymer bonding material by hot furnace smelting.

Tempered glass can no longer be cut processing, there will be the possibility of self-explosion. But after special processing, the overall performance of tempered laminated glass has been improved. The tensile strength is 3-5 times higher than before, and the cold and heat resistance and compression resistance are also higher overall.

The obvious difference between toughened laminated glass and bulletproof glass is that after bulletproof glass is broken, bulletproof glass will not be penetrated, and the bulletproof layer will not be pulled down, which still has the protective ability. And toughened laminated glass and bulletproof glass are the same with the laminated layer, has the bonding effect, so that the glass fragments will not be scattered around, but does not have the same level of protection with bulletproof glass.
Bulletproof glass is not allowed to use tempered glass when making, because tempered glass will interfere with the user's line of sight when broken. However, the fragments formed by it are without edges and edges, which also reduces the secondary damage caused by broken glass to a certain extent.

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