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The difference between colored glazed glass and painted glass

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Update time : 2023-03-02 11:00:00

With the development of science and technology, decorative materials also emerge in endlessly, such as the emergence of colored glazed glass, adding color to home life. There are many kinds of glass, in addition to our common toughened glass, quartz glass, and beautiful glazed glass.

Colored glazed glass refers to the glass surface coated with a layer of color fusible glaze, heating to the glaze melt, so that the glaze layer and glass firmly together, after annealing or tempering treatment of glass. From the perspective of appearance, there are a wide variety of colors of colored glazed glass, which can be customized according to the different needs of users. It can also have different patterns, such as strips, mesh and electric patterns, to meet the diversity of home life.

Colored glazed glass has very good chemical stability and decoration, many buildings will use this material on the surface. Including the building's foyer and stairwell finishes, the combination appears to complement each other. Colored glazed glass can also create glazed glass frame lampshade, extinction hood, hood and other lighting accessories, including the edge of car glass, will use this material.

The difference between colored glazed glass and painted glass

Colored glaze glass is sprayed, painted and printed with inorganic glaze, and then baked at 620-720℃. It is fused with the glass body. The lacquer glass is sprayed, painted and printed with organic or inorganic pigments mixed with organic or inorganic polymers, and then baked and fixed at 100-150℃.

Glazed glass color, patterns, it has the advantages of not fading, not peeling, so it can be used in the outer layer of the building, and can absorb and reflect part of the solar heat energy, has the effect of energy saving. Colored glazed glass is tempered, has the basic mechanical function, higher safety function.

Lacquer glass has a strong anti-skid function, so it is often used as a ground material, and it also has the characteristics of water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, effectively prolong the service life. Paint glass anti color aging, anti UV, and easy to clean, belong to environmental protection materials.

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