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The difference between nano silicon fire resistant glass and grout fire resistant glass

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Update time : 2023-03-31 09:13:37

The difference between nano silicon fire resistant glass and grout fire resistant glass:

1. It works differently.

The working principle of grout fire resistant glass: the glass breaks, and the fireproof liquid expands rapidly after heat, forming a white fireproof sealing, which can achieve the effect of heat insulation and fire prevention for 1 hour.

Working principle of composite fire resistant glass: Under the excellent combination of fireproof glass and fireproof film (fireproof silicon), the whole glass does not crack for 60 minutes and 90 minutes, and the temperature rise of the back fire surface reaches 65℃ or so, which can isolate the heat of the fire facing surface to a certain extent, protect personnel and financial safety, and strive for more rescue time.

2. Different production and processing techniques.

Inorganic nano silicon fire resistant glass using two or more layers of glass in the middle of the injection of inorganic expandable nano silicon fireproof glue through condensation optimization composite, grouting fireproof glass using two pieces of glass in the middle of the infusion of fireproof liquid physical drying and curing, curing fireproof liquid is a kind of transparent crystal. The filling technique and the flatness of the original glass directly affect the qualified rate of the finished product.

3. Different weather resistance.

Grout fire resistant glass is made of fireproof liquid. Because of the characteristics of the product itself, it can not withstand long-term ultraviolet irradiation, otherwise it is prone to yellowing, foaming and even leakage phenomenon. The weather resistance is poor, and it can not be used outdoors for a long time. Nano silicon fire resistant glass used by nano silicon fireproof gum is hard, stable physical and chemical function, strong weather resistance.

4. Different places of use.

Grout fire resistant glass is generally used in indoor areas not exposed to the sun, such as indoor fireproof glass doors and Windows, fireproof glass partition, etc. Nano silicon fireproof glass is not restricted by the use of places, indoor and outdoor can be used, fireproof doors and Windows, fireproof partition, is a good material for fireproof curtain wall.

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