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The difference between privacy glass and regular glass

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Update time : 2023-03-24 16:00:00

Many families will choose good decoration materials when decorating, which can make the whole family look higher, we will try to choose privacy glass when choosing glass, so that in the case of not drawing the curtain can also avoid the privacy of their own home is leaked, so does not affect the privacy of lighting glass, privacy glass and ordinary glass difference?

The difference between privacy glass and ordinary glass:

1. Different degree of perspective: ordinary glass is mostly two-way perspective, privacy glass is one-way perspective. Privacy glass is a special kind of glass, which is difficult to see from the outside, but from the inside you can see the outside. Special pigments will be added in the production process of privacy glass, which can improve the privacy of the car or room and avoid sunlight.

2. The heat insulation effect is different: the heat insulation effect of privacy glass is better than that of ordinary glass, but it should be noted that privacy glass has little effect on infrared ray barrier, so in hot areas also need to stick heat insulation film.

Frosted glass belongs to a kind of privacy glass, this kind of glass is mostly frosted, the other side of the normal toughened glass, this kind of glass can prevent outdoor people to see the indoor, mainly used for more private scenes, this kind of glass does not affect the lighting, the safety factor is higher. And frosted glass will give people a kind of hazy sense, more aesthetic and artistic, more loved by people.
There are many kinds of privacy glass that do not affect lighting on the market. You can choose the most suitable glass according to your budget and use place.

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