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The difference between super white glass and regular glass

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Update time : 2023-02-20 11:00:00

The choice of door frame will definitely use glass this material, and the glass is divided into many kinds, there are ordinary glass, there are some super white glass, the effect of different classification is not the same, the use of the place will be different. So the difference between super white glass and ordinary glass needs to be understood, and what are the characteristics of ordinary glass? There also needs to be a lot of understanding.

Super white glass is much more HD than ordinary glass, and many fish tanks will use super white glass. If super white glass is used as an aquarium, you can see clearly every stone, fish pattern and water grass in the aquarium, while ordinary glass is unable to do this. Ordinary glass UV transmittance is relatively low, popular point, ordinary glass is not UV proof, if we sit next to ordinary glass, for a while it is very likely that UV rays on our skin will make us black, and ultra white glass is UV proof, many museums will use ultra white glass.

Super white glass is very complex in production, production control is difficult. And ordinary glass is very simple to make, so in the market, the production of ordinary glass is more, in terms of sales of ordinary glass is dominant. It is because the workmanship of super white glass is very complex, the material is widely used, so it is about 10 times more expensive than ordinary glass in price. But its cost is only 2 ~ 3 times that of ordinary glass, but its labor and production technology is very difficult, so a lot of production costs may be added during this period.
After reading the above introduction, people should probably already know the difference between super white glass and regular glass. In the purchase of time should be more to identify the choice of good quality glass, so that the use of life will be longer, but also to achieve better results.

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