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The key points of tempered laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-02-07 11:00:00

According to the purpose of choosing toughened laminated glass, according to different technical standards, the corresponding technical index should be put forward.

For the purpose of UV control, the UV transmittance should be less than 0.5%. For sound insulation purposes, the required STC (dB) value should be given. For the purpose of resisting electronic interference, the frequency attenuation value of the radio wave in what frequency range should be proposed under the condition of full grounding. There is no test standard for the purpose of preventing bombs. If required, the type of explosive resistant, its weight, and the height and distance at which it can be detonated should be stated. For toughened laminated glass used for roofing, the PVB film thickness should not be less than 0.76mm.

Ensure that there are three drainage holes with a diameter of not less than 5mm in the bottom slot of the window frame. At the same time, a rubber pad or PVB resin with a hardness of at least 90 degrees is placed in the tank. Laminated glass bubbles at 70℃ or above because of the organic material in the adhesive layer. When laminated glass is used outdoors, the sides of the laminated glass should not be exposed. Otherwise, the edges will absorb water and lead to degumming. In order to make the glass side better water tightness, installation should use neutral silicone glue or polysulfide glue, can not use acid silicone glue or sealant containing organic solvent or putty.
Specifications of tempered laminated glass: to large size: 2500×7800mm; To small size: 300×300mm; Thickness of the original glass: 3 ~ 19mm; The total thickness of laminated glass: 6.38 ~ 300mm; PVB film thickness: 0.38 ~ 2.28mm (0.38 as a multiple). Specifications of curved laminated glass: to large size: 2500×4500mm; Common size: length 500 ~ 3500mm, width 500 ~ 2000mm; Processing thickness: 5 ~ 19mm; Arc length central Angle < 90 degrees.

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