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The main properties of hollow laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-02-03 11:00:00

Various properties of hollow laminated glass are superior to those of ordinary double-layer glass, so they are recognized. Insulating glass is a glass product with two or more pieces of glass evenly separated by effective support and bonded and sealed around, so that there is a dry gas space between the glass layers. Its main materials are glass, aluminum spacer, Angle bolt, butyl rubber, polysulfide glue, desiccant. The main properties of hollow laminated glass are reflected in the following aspects.

Energy saving effect: The energy consumption of modern buildings is mainly air conditioning and lighting, the former accounts for 55% of the energy consumption, the latter accounts for 23% of the energy consumption, and glass is a thinner building external wall, easier to heat transfer materials. Hollow laminated glass because the desiccant in the aluminum frame through the gap above the aluminum frame to keep the air in the glass hollow dry for a long time, so the temperature insulation performance is good.

High sound insulation: Insulating glass can reduce noise by 27-40 decibels, and traffic noise of 80 decibels outside will only reach 50 decibels indoors.

Eliminate frost and dew: the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, single-layer glass will frost. Hollow glass because the inner glass in contact with indoor air is affected by the air insulation layer, even if the outer contact is very low, it will not condensation on the glass surface due to the temperature difference. The dew point of insulating glass can reach -70℃(excluding rubber strip type insulating glass).
Improved wind pressure strength: the curtain wall mainly bears wind load, and the wind pressure resistance becomes the main index of the curtain wall. The wind compressive strength of hollow laminated glass is 15 times that of single glass. Glass is not easy to self-explosion: the production method of insulating glass is bonding method, cold processing, the internal stress of the glass sheet does not change, and the elastic material is sealed around it, so the glass is not easy to self-explosion. The coated glass film will not fall off: the metal film surface of the coated glass can not be exposed to the air for a long time, and the metal film surface of the coated insulating glass is not falling off in the dry sealed air.

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