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The method of identifying the quality of fire resistant glass

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Update time : 2022-11-21 16:00:00

From the appearance, the difference between ordinary glass, toughened glass and fire resistant glass is not particularly large, and it is difficult for laymen to judge what kind of glass is. If it is a more in-depth judgment of the quality of fire glass is more difficult. Fireproof glass occupies an important position in architectural design, do not be careless when purchasing fireproof glass.

The following introduces several methods to identify the quality of fire resistant glass:

1. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of manufacturers

First of all, a fire resistant glass enterprise needs to have a business license that allows the production of fireproof glass. For the registered production of fireproof glass companies, the fire protection, environmental protection, registered capital will be strictly audited, after the audit will be passed by the industrial and commercial bureau. Before purchasing, you can also investigate the production equipment of fire resistant glass manufacturers, determine whether the equipment is perfect, and also help to choose. Therefore, choosing a qualified fireproof glass manufacturer is the premise of buying high quality fireproof glass.

2. Fire resistance of fire resistant glass

The advantages and disadvantages of fireproof glass are divided by fire resistance limit. General fire resistant glass will meet the fire time of 30 minutes or more, if even this standard can not meet, it can directly ignore this kind of fireproof glass.

3. Fire resistant glass granularity

Fireproof glass processing through the combination of physical and chemical methods, fire resistant glass products are different from ordinary glass, when the fireproof glass will not be broken into chunks, but the particle shape, the number of particles is small and much, from this perspective, can also identify the quality of fireproof glass.

4. Fire resistant glass details
The thicker the fireproof glass is, the better the quality is. But also pay more attention to its details, whether the side of the fire glass polishing is fine, whether there are bubbles in the fire glass, whether there are impurities in the fire glass, etc.

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