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The principle of electrically heated glass

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Update time : 2023-03-03 11:00:00

The working principle of electrically heated glass is that after the glass is energized, its surface temperature begins to rise, and the rising temperature range is between 35℃ and 40℃, so that the temperature of the glass heating surface is flat or slightly higher than the temperature of the glass surface, so as to achieve the effect of no fog and frost. Electric heating glass uses low voltage, less power consumption, safe and assured. It is mainly composed of two parts, tempered glass, transparent electroplating embedded layer, tempered glass embedded electroplating film. Toughened glass can be flat or curved steel. When the electricity, the glass itself will be heated, its thermistor and temperature control system connected, the surface temperature can be automatically adjusted.

Principle application and function of electrically heated glass

Because of the principle of electric heating glass, it is mainly used in our daily life common baking boxes, refrigerated cabinets, vending machines and other equipment. So the baking box is produced by hot air in the baking process, why there is no water vapor above the glass? When the refrigerator temperature is below zero degrees Celsius, why doesn't the water in the air freeze on the refrigerator glass? And vending machines have been placed outside, in winter snow when there is no ice and fog attached to the surface of the glass. These are the full application of the principle of electrically heated glass function. Let us no matter in any air conditions can clearly see the electric heating glass inside the food.
The function of electric heating glass is to achieve the effect of fog and frost removal by heating laminated glass, and its safety is good. It also has excellent optical performance, transmittance of more than 90%, the glass uses conductive wire and thermal film as the sandwich heating medium, no light emission refraction phenomenon, to ensure that the line of sight to see the goods to achieve clear, real effect. It also has the function of anti-ultraviolet radiation (electroplated glass), electrically heated glass is used by the glass has the characteristics of absorbing ultraviolet light, can reduce the ultraviolet light into the room, reduce the harm of people by ultraviolet radiation.

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