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The production process of laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-03-17 11:00:00

In order to produce good laminated glass, we need to pay attention to all aspects of details in the production process. The production process of laminated glass mainly combines two steps. First, the glass laminate is transferred to an autoclave for final pressing. Autoclaves use a combination of heat exposure and pressure to glue the layers together. The temperature in the autoclave is about 150 degrees Celsius. The pressure in automatic mode is 12.5 bar. The film will leave about 0.5 to 2 mm of additional film at the edge of the laminated glass.

Next, insert the two halves of the C-beam together. Beam loaded to 15 kN. The loading jack is set in a load control state so that the load is applied evenly without mechanical response and stiffness changes. The beam is then placed on a laminator so that it is balanced by the two halves of glass. After the loading process is complete, the two halves of the left beam segment will be joined together and glued together.

To join the two halves of the glass, first polish the outer edges. The inside edges stick together. After that, place the glass unit in a horizontal position. After that, the coating solution is evenly applied to the workpiece. The glass unit is then cured in a horizontal position by using butyl tape. This is the same process followed by laminated glass. This process is called laminated glass production.
The above are the main steps in the production process of laminated glass. In the production process, we should comply with the production requirements and produce under the specified standards. Strict compliance with the rules of each production process can not only produce good products, but also reduce waste in the production process.

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