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The reason and solution of hollow glass window fogging

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Update time : 2023-01-12 16:00:00

More and more people will use double layer hollow glass, which can not only play the role of wind and rain resistance, but also play the effect of sound insulation and insulation on the house, but there will also be the occurrence of fog phenomenon.

Reason for fogging of double layer hollow glass

1. When installing, if the construction technology is not good, after a certain time, the sealant cracking phenomenon, resulting in water vapor into the sandwich of the hollow glass, as the temperature rises, water vapor evaporation, and in contact with the glass surface, into small water droplets, resulting in the double-layer glass fog phenomenon.

2. When installing, if the sink inside is not installed, it causes the water level to be higher than the profile, resulting in water flowing into the double glazing. In the sunlight, water vapor forms fog, resulting in double glazing phenomenon.

3. When installing, if there is no gap between the partition strip and the edge of the glass when pasting, it will adsorb the rain to the double-layer glass when it comes into contact with the rain, resulting in the fogging phenomenon of the double-layer glass.

The solution of double layer hollow glass fogging

1. If the sealant is not sealed tightly, the sealant can be removed, and the glass window can be cleaned again. After it is dry, the glass sealant can be brushed.

2. If the sink is not installed properly, remove the window and reinstall it.

3. If the spacer has been installed, you can add the glass spacer to the window. In addition, you can remove the original spacer and reinstall the spacer. It is necessary to pay attention to the pasting position of the partition strip to maintain a certain distance from the edge of the glass window, and when installing the glass window, it is necessary to pay attention not to dip water on the partition strip, so as not to affect the installation quality.
4. If the temperature difference is too large and caused by the fog phenomenon, you can open the window for a while, so that the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature becomes smaller, until the fog on the window clears.

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