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The reason of cracking of tempered glass and hot bending laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-02-16 11:00:00

Toughened glass and hot-bent laminated glass is the most important form of safety glass, it is widely used in building doors and Windows curtain walls, sightseeing corridors, guardrail, all kinds of car doors and Windows and other fields, self-detonation problem is a thorny problem faced by the application of toughened safety glass and curved laminated safety glass, the following for the cracking problem of toughened glass and curved laminated glass, How to adopt effective process is simply explained. Glass edge and appearance quality, product design defects, tempering process quality, improper glass installation process, the influence of glass ink expansion coefficient, glass self-explosion caused by nickel sulfide in glass and other related factors.

The quality of the side of the glass is poor, there are blasting, blasting edge, glass surface deep scratch is an important factor causing the toughened glass and hot bending laminated glass cracking. The glass edge of the mouth is mainly manifested as the side of the longitudinal crack, the glass side of the mouth is mainly caused by two aspects, on the one hand is the glass side of the external impact of the mouth, on the other hand is due to the glass edge grinding quality is poor, grinding light, glass in tempering, the front end of the glass (that is, the oven end) from the oven to the arc has a large temperature loss, The stress is relatively concentrated, easy to cause the edge of the glass micro-cracks and blasting; The edge burst is mainly manifested as shell defect on the inside and outside surface of the glass edge.

In order to prevent the self-detonation of toughened glass and hot-bent laminated glass caused by the edge and appearance quality of glass, the most effective way is good edge grinding quality, grinding depth should be more than one-third of the thickness of the glass, for the edge of the edge explosion, sandpaper grinding, so that the conchlike defect transition uniform. In addition, the glass in the processing, handling, installation process, the glass side must be properly protected. Again, try to avoid the glass surface and other hard objects collision, friction caused by deep scratches.

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