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The reason of hollow glass fog

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Update time : 2023-01-04 11:00:00

In recent years, people pay attention to enjoying a quiet and comfortable environment. More and more consumers choose the windows equipped with hollow glass, which not only plays the role of wind and rain prevention, but also plays a good sound insulation effect on the house. But after a long time, it will be found that the middle of the glass will fog, not only affect the transmittance of the glass, but also affect people's viewing, what is the reason for this?

1. If the air pressure balance hole and drainage hole are not opened or the opening is unreasonable, the water can not be discharged out, and the water vapor will enter the glass interlayer after long-term evaporation to produce fog.

2. During the installation of the hollow glass window, the construction process is poor. After a period of use, the sealant cracking phenomenon occurs, which leads to the water vapor entering the hollow glass sandwich.

3. When double-layer hollow glass is installed, because the inner pool is not installed, the water surface is higher than the section, so that the water flows into the double-layer glass sandwich. In sunlight, water vapor forms fog, causing the foggy phenomenon of double glazing.

4. During the installation of hollow glass, if the diaphragm does not leave a certain gap with the edge of the glass when pasting, it will be adsorbed to the double layer glass in the rain and cause fog phenomenon of the double layer glass. If the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, and the indoor air humidity is too large, there will be double glazing phenomenon.

5. Cleaning glass is one of the links of hollow glass production and one of the important links to ensure the sealing of insulating glass. If the oil stains and water droplets on the glass can not be thoroughly cleaned off, the adhesive force of the sealant on the glass will be greatly weakened, thus reducing the sealing effect of the insulating glass.
6. The conditions considered in the selection of desiccant, sealant and spacer in the processing and production of hollow glass are based on the premise of glass cleaning. The sealing quality of insulating glass depends on whether the glass is clean to a certain extent, and the cleaning of glass is an important measure of the sealing quality.

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