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The reason of poor adhesion of laminated butyl hollow glass

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Update time : 2023-02-15 11:00:00

In the processing of laminated hollow glass, the adhesion of butyl glue affects the sealing property of laminated insulating glass. There are four main reasons for the poor adhesion of butyl glue.

Laminated hollow glass butyl adhesive coating equipment often uses talc, so even if the quality of the spacer bar is qualified, decontamination treatment is also done before coating, but because too much talc on the equipment will inevitably pollute the spacer bar, affecting the bonding between the spacer bar and butyl adhesive. Treatment method: each shift timely clean the equipment, especially the talc and other pollutants on the conveyor belt.

Twisting and uneven surface due to technological problems with spacer bars. This kind of unevenness affects the width of the spacer strip microscopically. In the process of coating laminated hollow glass butyl glue, there is no substantial bonding between butyl glue and spacer strip in some positions.

Due to the reasons of production technology or improper storage conditions, the spacer strip appears oxidation phenomenon. Treatment method: If the reason of the spacer itself, should strengthen the inspection of raw materials, in addition to verify the appearance, can be directly tested on the machine. For the storage conditions of the interval bar, we should pay attention to whether there is rain leakage, water leakage, and chemicals should be placed separately, not directly on the ground, to ensure ventilation. During the rainy season, guard against being soaked by rain. When using, found oxidized hair black, black phenomenon should be timely batch replacement.
The quality of the spacer is qualified. However, due to the poor environment for storage or use, the spacer is covered with oil and dirty stains. Treatment method: When the interval bar does not appear oxidation, the oil pollution attached to the surface is relatively easy to clean up. This lies in the quality requirements of laminated hollow glass manufacturers. If it is required to decontaminate the surface of the spacer strip before coating butyl glue, it can effectively prevent defects. The simplest method can be used to wipe cotton cloth with alcohol.

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