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The reason why glass windows & doors burst

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Update time : 2022-10-21 11:00:00

The phenomenon of glass windows & doors burst occurs from time to time. Once there is a glass burst problem, whether it is for pedestrians on the road or indoor residents, it is a great security threat. From its quality, installation and other aspects can cause the occurrence of the phenomenon of burst glass doors and windows.

Glass windows & doors may burst because of the quality of the glass itself. The inside of the glass contains stones, bubbles and impurities, which is the weak point of the glass, is an important factor leading to glass fragmentation. And in the process of glass processing, if the improper operation leads to the surface of the glass scratches, deep blasting edge and other problems, will also lead to glass burst.

In addition to the glass itself is not good quality to cause blowout, glass windows & doors appear accidental damage, improper installation can also cause the problem of glass blowout. If the glass is damaged during transportation, the damaged part will change the internal stress of the glass. When used on the upper wall, the internal stress of the glass can lead to cracking problems. In the process of door and window installation, in the glass installation, if the specifications of the glass door and window size is not appropriate, resulting in the installation of too tight, which will also lead to changes in the internal stress of the glass, resulting in glass burst.


When purchasing doors and windows, users must pay attention to the quality of glass windows & doors. It is best to choose doors and windows with tempered glass. Tempered glass has strong wind pressure resistance, and when it bursts, it will be in the form of an obtuse angle, which can reduce glass burst damage. human risk. Qualified tempered glass has a certification mark, and users also need to identify this point. Tempered glass without qualified standard certification or informal channels will have greater safety risks. In addition, when installing doors and windows, users should also pay attention to strengthening supervision to avoid the problem of glass burst due to violent installation or improper operation.

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