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The reason why the price of three laminated glass is higher

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Update time : 2023-02-02 18:00:00

The price of three laminated glass is relatively expensive compared to two laminated glass. Laminated glass is made of two or more pieces of glass, sandwiched with a layer or multiple layers of film. The material of the film is PVB, SGP, EVA, PU, etc., which is why the same laminated glass has some more expensive reasons, because the film is different. After special high temperature process, yes glass and film bonding as one, become a whole, that is, laminated glass.

Glass is just a simple solid, it does not have sound insulation function, but because the PVB film has the sound barrier function, so that the three-layer laminated glass can effectively obstruct the transmission of sound, reduce noise. Ordinary 6mm thick laminated glass can reduce noise about 35db.

Uv absorption: The PVB film of laminated glass absorbs 99% of UV rays, which helps protect valuable furniture, wall charts, displays or merchandise from fading due to UV radiation.
Anti-theft performance: Since it is impossible to use glass knife to effectively cut the laminated glass installed, if using other tools to break down laminated glass takes a long time and makes a loud noise, three-layer laminated glass has a strong resistance to malicious destruction, theft and violent invasion. When doing the sun room, it is recommended to use laminated double toughened glass. In addition to safety, it is also necessary to consider the heat insulation of the sun room, which is impossible to do simply laminated glass. If you want to start doing the sun room, you must have a basic understanding of the sun room accessories, so that you can do not be fooled by others, get better sun room service.

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