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The role of privacy glass

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Update time : 2023-03-27 16:00:00

Rear side privacy glass refers to the glass on both sides of the car with a special coating, so that all the rear side Windows are dark, improve the privacy of the car at the same time, but also to avoid the sunlight. This configuration is more common in high-end cars and high-end business cars. With the decrease of cost, more and more civilian cars have gradually applied this practical configuration.

Many people have a misunderstanding that privacy glass is pasted after a layer of dark film, in fact, there is a factory. About privacy glass film can be based on their own needs, if you want to better privacy protection or summer heat insulation, then you can also consider film.

Privacy glass and film glass effect will not reach the same effect, privacy glass from the outside can not see inside, inside can see outside, called one-way perspective glass film. The side facing the light has the properties of a mirror, while the back can be seen through. The mirror-like effect and tint of this reflective layer is good for the exterior decoration of the building, i.e. the one-way perspective type is reflective/semi-transparent and polychromatic. And if the color of the film is as dark as the privacy glass, the effect is very poor from the inside out, especially at night!

The key use of privacy glass is to allow some owners to have privacy space, outside the car can not see the car inside, but in the car can see the car outside. Of course, if you're very close, you can still see inside, but if you're far away, you can't see inside. It's even better if you add a film, and an extra film in the summer will provide better insulation and UV protection.

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