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The selection and installation of hollow laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-02-01 18:00:00

Hollow laminated glass can be said to be a masterpiece of home decoration door and window glass. It not only inherits the good heat insulation of hollow glass and the sound insulation of laminated glass, but also improves the two properties, thus becoming the new favorite of many consumers who pursue performance.

But as a relatively fresh thing, consumers and even practitioners have some doubts: the laminated surface of hollow laminated glass should be placed indoors or outdoors? What are the advantages and disadvantages? How to determine the thickness of hollow layer? How to determine the thickness of the glass?

The sandwich layer of hollow laminated glass is placed and selected

1. When hollow laminated glass is used in the sunshine room, the laminated surface should face indoors or outdoors, in order to prevent the accident that fragments hurt people when the glass is broken accidentally.

2. Hollow laminated glass is used on doors and Windows, and the laminated surface should face indoors or outdoors. Many project curtain walls put the laminated surface outside, so as to prevent the accident of falling objects. But there are some exceptions, for example: some low-level users of home decoration, do not have to consider the risk of safety glass falling; At this time, you can also put the adhesive surface indoors, and the heat insulation is relatively good. Because in summer, the indoor glass feel temperature will be lower than the outdoor surface is laminated surface.

Thickness selection of glass, laminated layer and hollow layer

On the thickness of glass and laminated thickness in accordance with the relevant national regulations.
There are different opinions about the determining factors of hollow layer thickness and sound insulation, after all, there are too many influencing factors. Whether the hollow layer is air or noble gas, what kind of noble gas, the relevant temperature, the thickness of the glass, etc., are all likely to be the key factors.

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