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The solution of hollow glass fogging

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Update time : 2023-01-04 14:00:00

In recent years, people are more and more fond of enjoying a quiet and comfortable environment. Consumers prefer to choose the windows equipped with hollow glass, which not only has a good protective effect, but also can prevent the spread of noise, so that the house can avoid the influence of noise, thus creating a quiet atmosphere. However, after a long time of use, it will be found that there will be fog in the middle of the glass, which will not only affect the light transmittance of the glass, but also affect people's viewing. The following are some methods to solve the problem of fog in the insulating glass.

1. If the sealant is not sealed, you can remove the sealant on the hollow glass tool, clean the glass window again, wait for it to dry, and then brush the glass sealant.

2. If the sink position of the double-layer hollow glass window is not installed, remove the hollow glass window and reinstall it.

3. If double-layer hollow glass partition is installed, glass gaskets can be added to the double-layer glass Windows. In addition, you can also remove the original interval layer, when reinstalling, pay attention to the position of the strip and the edge of the glass window to maintain a certain distance, generally 2 mm is appropriate. When installing the glass window, do not touch the partition board to avoid affecting the installation quality.

If the temperature difference is too large, and is caused by the phenomenon of fog, you can open the window for a period of time, so that the indoor and outdoor temperature difference becomes smaller, until the upper fog dissipates.
The above is a summary of the solutions to the fogging phenomenon of hollow glass in the home. In fact, proper window ventilation every day can also reduce the air humidity, exhaust the moisture generated in the day's activities, and the dewdrops of glass can also dry normally.

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