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The solution to the appearance of laminated glass bubbles

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Update time : 2023-02-10 16:00:00

The refraction coefficient of laminated glass is almost the same as that of glass. The film does not harden when it is higher than -50 ℃, and has good bonding performance when it is 130~140℃. At this temperature, the glass is pressed together with it under high pressure, and the glass is firmly bonded on the glued layer.

In the early stage of autoclave, when the pressure of autoclave returns to normal, the temperature of laminated glass and film is still very high. The main reason for this problem is when the autoclave is fully decompressed, not when the autoclave door is opened.

Extend the cooling time of the autoclave until the temperature of the glass and film is completely reduced to about 40℃, then decompress the autoclave completely, immediately open the cabin door, and measure the temperature of the glass.

The semicircular bubbles in the lower part of the glass are caused by the soft material of the working bracket in the autoclave, which causes the laminated glass to be separated and form bubbles. The way to solve this problem is to use harder material for working bracket material.

The semicircular bubble around the glass is due to the poor sealing of the side after the glass preheating and prepressing, which leads to the air entering the film of the laminated glass during the high temperature and high pressure processing in the autoclade; Or the film has been opened, the environment humidity is too high.


By increasing the preheating temperature to ensure the sealing of the glass edge.
The film after opening is stored in an environment with a relative humidity of 25 ~ 5% (storage conditions of PVB: laminated glass film under sealed packaging can be stored in a room at normal temperature and dry for three years, the storage temperature is required to be 8 ~ 0℃, the film after opening is stored in a room controlled by temperature and humidity, the temperature is required to be 18 ~ 20℃, the relative humidity of 25 ~ 30%).

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