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The technology and advantages and disadvantages of heat bending glass

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Update time : 2022-10-31 16:00:00

Heat bending glass process:

1. Before the formal processing, the glass should be checked in all aspects to ensure that the glass does not appear exploding mouth and exploding edge phenomenon, if the glass corner wear must be repaired, if there is a large area of the missing situation, must be replaced; Bumps are not allowed at the junction.

2. The glass in the forming of the use of the roller, because the glass forming completely rely on gravity can not reach the required curvature and sphere, must borrow the roller.

3. With the help of hollow mold, the middle of the glass must be supported, because the glass before entering, if not supported, easy to cause glass broken in the furnace, resulting in unnecessary economic losses.

4. In the glass molding, if the radius of some glass is relatively large, we must remember that there is external force to fit the mold, of course, the molding factor or temperature.

The characteristic of heat bending glass is that it needs to be formed in the hot softening mold and then made of curved glass by annealing; In some more personalized decoration, the frequency of use is higher and higher, because its advantages are very prominent, generally hot bent glass need to be booked in advance, basically no spot, the advantages and disadvantages of hot bent glass are mainly shown in the following aspects.

Advantages of heat bending glass: there is no connection between the curved surface shape of hot bending glass, beautiful lines on the vision, can achieve the overall harmonious situation. According to the different needs of customers, the heat bending glass into a variety of shapes.

The disadvantage of heat bending glass: most of the glass has the common disadvantage that it is easy to be scratched, and the hot bending glass has another disadvantage that its permeability is not particularly good. Viewing effect is not good, the hardness of ordinary glass material is low, long time soaking water may produce chemical reactions.

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