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The use of color laminated glass advantages

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Update time : 2023-02-08 14:00:00

Colored laminated glass is widely used in building doors and Windows industry and is popular among people. In addition to the advantages of providing security, colored laminated glass has three advantages.

1. It has the characteristics of sound insulation. Usually, the inner raw material of the engineering construction color laminated glass is PVB layer. The PVB film has the damping effect of filtering the acoustic frequency, that is, according to the reduction of the vibration intensity of the sound to alleviate the sound transmission. Therefore, if the road noise is more serious in the area, choose a piece of middle PVB film thickness of 1.14 mm colorful hollow laminated glass is right, enough to achieve sound insulation effect.

2. Color laminated glass also has the ability to prevent ultraviolet radiation. The PVB layer in the middle also has the function of overworry UV. According to the survey data, the PVB plastic film can digest and absorb about 99 percent of UV rays, and then maintain the indoor soft clothing, plastic products, textile products, blankets, crafts and other articles, from the fading and embrittlement caused by UV radiation sources.

3. It also has excellent environmental protection and energy saving characteristics. Because of the intermediate PVB plastic film made of color laminated glass can reasonably reduce the sun penetration, and the longer the tone, the lower the transmittance of color laminated glass blocking heat capacity is stronger. Therefore, if the light source is abundant at home, temporarily choose the transmittance (50% to 70%) of the color laminated glass.
The above are the three very excellent advantages of colored laminated glass, so that it is more popular in the glass industry, the appearance is rich in color, rich in a stronger sense of design, but also make people more like.

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