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The use of laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-03-10 11:00:00

Laminated glass is an important material for building safety. It has excellent impact resistance, run-in resistance and sound insulation properties. It can also be used in car windshields. In addition, it is often used for skylights, sun Spaces and roofs. In addition, laminated glass protects life and property in high-security areas.

Laminated glass has a variety of aesthetic advantages. It protects indoor furniture and surfaces from harmful UV rays. In addition, it provides privacy and optical transmission. It also offers a variety of color options. Using a PVB intermediate layer, opaque or translucent coatings can be applied depending on the inside of the glass panel.

Another advantage of laminated glass is that it adds a layer of security and is almost impossible to break into. Because PVB glue is stronger than ordinary glass, intruders cannot easily penetrate the glass plate. In addition, the glass pieces in laminated glass do not break like normal glass, but stick to the PVB interlayer and remain stuck together in the structure.

One of the advantages of laminated glass is its ability to reduce unwanted external noise. It also reduces the transfer of heat from the outside to the inside of the space. This is one of the reasons laminated glass is so popular in Windows and other glass panels. It is more economical and easier to install than heterogeneous glass.
Although glass for architecture is widely used, it has some limitations. The material is transparent and has high optical properties. Unfortunately, it's also fragile. The use of laminated glass in buildings can overcome these limitations. A variety of intermediate membranes are available on the market, and glass processors can choose the one that best meets specific needs.

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