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Three layer hollow laminated glass features

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Update time : 2023-03-16 18:00:00

Three layer hollow laminated glass This glass is very strong. It can withstand the force of a bullet or a rock. A combination of heating and pressurizing processes creates glass that is five to 10 times stronger than standard glass. The increased intensity helps reduce the risk of injury or death in the event of a disaster.

The main characteristics of three - layer hollow laminated glass are its nonlinear behavior and viscoelastic response. The polymer interlayer is also highly sensitive to temperature and frequency. As a result, it shows excellent performance in acoustic and structural applications. The result is superior levels of energy efficiency and safety. What's more, the material can withstand a wide range of temperatures.

Although traditional insulating glass has good insulation, but three layers of insulating laminated glass is much better. The insulation effect of the material is about four times that of ordinary insulating glass. In addition, its low frequency noise reduction is 5 decibels lower than ordinary insulating glass.

When broken, laminated glass is safer for people. Even if a ball drops on it, the glass is more likely to break into small pieces than shatter. However, the adhesive film between the small pieces holds them together. This type of glass is commonly used for skylight glass and curtain walls of high-rise buildings. In addition, it is much lighter than similar tempered glass. This makes it ideal for commercial buildings and homes.
In addition to strength, laminated glass is also more expensive than tempered glass. This is because tempered glass is made using a higher grade material than ordinary glass. Also, tempered glass is harder to break. This makes laminated glass a better choice for doors and Windows in residential buildings. However, you can still choose laminated glass for your home or office. Its shatterproof properties make it an excellent choice for many business environments.

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