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Toughened laminated glass can better guarantee the safety

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Update time : 2023-02-03 14:00:00

The safety factor of laminated glass after tempered is higher than that of ordinary tempered glass. Most of them are used for landscape balconies of high-rise buildings. When it breaks, it doesn't fall off but the whole piece is glued together, so it's safe. The price is slightly higher than ordinary toughened glass of the same thickness. Tempered laminated glass not only has the characteristics of greater resistance of tempered glass, but also has the characteristics of ordinary laminated glass. Even if the glass breaks, the fragments will stick together because of the action of the intermediate adhesive layer. Make it effectively prevent the debris falling event to ensure personal safety.

Tempered laminated glass is a special laminated glass product made of tempered glass as a substrate and then glued. It not only has the characteristics of high strength toughened glass, but also inherits the excellent safety performance of laminated glass without debris falling down. Toughened laminated glass is suitable for installation in places with special safety requirements, such as protective Windows of high-rise buildings, glass curtain walls, glass daylighting roofs, and underwater glass places that bear a certain pressure for a long time.

Toughened laminated glass can be used in various types of vehicle transportation, transportation, wooden boxes shall not be flat or inclined, the length direction should be the same as the direction of transport vehicle movement, and there should be rain prevention measures. Glass in handling, should avoid contact with hard objects, collision, temporarily not used toughened laminated glass should be stored vertically in a dry, ventilated room. Tempered laminated glass is a kind of glass product with internal stress. It can not be cut, drilled and edged after forming, otherwise it will cause cracking and stress concentration at the side of tempered laminated glass, so it should be well protected. Do not use sharp, hard objects to hit the edge of the glass, otherwise it is easy to crack the glass.
Before installation, the tempered laminated glass should avoid high temperature exposure, high humidity rain and other climate environment. The glass in the construction site should be stored in a ventilated and dry place. In case of sudden change in weather and heavy rain, the construction personnel should check the site in time to prevent the edge of the tempered laminated glass from leaking and discoloration caused by water immersion in the glass packing box.

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