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Use skills and maintenance methods of hollow glass production line

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Update time : 2023-02-01 16:00:00

According to the different processing of hollow glass, some adjustments are made in the details. In addition to adjusting the water temperature, water pressure, air volume, etc., cleaning speed and pressure can also be adjusted. The following describes some related use skills of insulating glass production line.

Cleaning speed adjustment. The cleaning speed can be adjusted according to the different environment and working efficiency. The production line adopts the modern and popular stepless frequency control technology, the cleaning speed can be adjusted between 1.2~7m/min. The adjustment method is: enter the screen of the cleaning section on the touch screen of the plate pressure section, change the input frequency of the cleaning transmission speed, so as to change the motor transmission speed.

Plate pressure and glass in place adjustment. The plate pressure can be adjusted according to the different thickness of single glass and hollow glass. Generally, the size of hollow glass has a great relationship with the hydraulic pressure, and the general pressure is 0.2~0.4mpa. The pressure adjustment can adjust the pressure reducing valve of the hydraulic solenoid valve. The method of adjusting the pressure reducing valve is: rotate the pointer of the pressure reducing valve clockwise for pressure boost and adjust it counterclockwise for pressure reduction. The glass in place time adjustment, the thinner the glass, the longer the time, the thicker the glass, the shorter.

Adjustment of transfer speed of turnover table. The transfer speed of the turnover table can be adjusted in 0~7.5m/min, and the adjustment is regulated by the governor. The adjustment method is: clockwise rotation of the governor adjustment knob, so that its pointer to the required speed, generally 2.5~3.5m/min.

Maintenance of hollow glass production line

1. Equipment lubrication, transfer shaft bearing, gear, chain every three months to replace the calcium grease, reducer every six months to replace calcium lubricating oil.

2. Air source triplet oil-water separator often releases water, oil mist with 32 lubricating oil, injection speed is controlled at one drop per minute.

3. Regularly clean the fan filter, water tank, and sprinkler.
4. After not using the equipment for a long time or stopping in a low temperature environment, clean the water in the water tank, water pipe and water pump in time to prevent frost damage to the equipment.

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