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Vacuum glass is a more complicated glass than hollow glass

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Update time : 2023-02-28 14:00:00

The production process of vacuum glass is more complicated than insulating glass, and the raw materials are more expensive. The current production scale is smaller, and the price of vacuum glass is more expensive than insulating glass. But in comparison, the performance of vacuum glass is much better than hollow glass, and more expensive, more valuable. The use of vacuum glass has the following advantages:

Vacuum glass has extraordinary thermal insulation properties. Used as window glass, it can quickly warm up a room in winter and prevent the loss of indoor heat. In summer, indoor air conditioning is not easy to escape.

Because of its excellent insulation properties, vacuum glass does not reduce the surface temperature of indoor window glass in winter and relieves the cold feeling caused by the "surface wind" between the window and the feet. Warm in winter, cool in summer, warm and comfortable.

Vacuum glass is used as exterior window glass. With its sound insulation properties, it can prevent noise interference and achieve a quiet environment. The sound insulation performance is fully satisfactory, both for existing buildings and for the red lines of planned construction highways and major roads. New houses, schools, hospitals and other buildings located less than 50 metres from the street are located on the exterior Windows of buildings along the street. However, single glass and hollow glass is difficult to achieve.

Because of its thermal insulation properties, vacuum glass is difficult to condense on the interior side of the window glass, even if the outdoor temperature is very low. It ensures a clear view, does not require frequent cleaning of condensed glass, and can prevent condensation and dripping water from contaminating inner walls, curtains and floors, damaging window frames, etc. It can also prevent the propagation of mold and wall worms, and clean the living environment.
Vacuum glass, with its extraordinary insulation properties, reduces the energy consumption of window panes, reduces the cost of heating and air conditioning, and saves energy. Reduced energy pressure and reduced personal spending. At the same time, due to energy saving, reduce the coal, oil combustion pollution, to achieve the purpose of protecting the environment.

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