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What are the advantages of bulletproof glass besides bulletproof ability

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Update time : 2022-11-21 11:00:00

Bulletproof glass is a kind of laminated special glass made of plexiglass and high-quality PVB, SGP and other films. As the name suggests, bulletproof performance is its main function. The way special glasses are processed and the materials they are made from make them more than just one function. So what are the advantages of bulletproof glass besides bulletproof ability?

1. High weather resistance: bulletproof glass and grouting fireproof glass or laminated fireproof glass, good weather resistance, after a long time of ultraviolet irradiation still maintain the primary color, beauty and permeability can be maintained for a long time.

2. With a certain fireproof performance: bulletproof glass can be used for Windows and doors above the observation window, this glass not only has a bulletproof effect, but also in the fire, in a certain time to resist the spread of flame and smoke.

3. Good machinability: bulletproof glass can be processed as flat, arc, barrel and other shapes to meet the needs of different industries. The thickness of bulletproof glass can also be customized according to the thickness, the general thickness is between 24~30mm. Higher strength bulletproof glass needs to be thicker than 30mm, and the intermediate film will also be thicker. The principle is that the bulletproof performance of bulletproof glass is proportional to the thickness.

4. Anti-ultraviolet radiation: bulletproof glass has three layers, the sun through the glass layer penetration, can weaken the wavelength of different bands, UV also has a certain blocking effect, protect indoor items always bright.
5. High strength: scientific experiments show that under the same thickness, the strength of bulletproof glass is 6~12 times of float glass, 1.5~3 times of ordinary glass, high strength performance, adapt to different wind pressure, pressure under the environment, maintain the normal working state.

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