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What are the requirements for the selection of glass curtain wall

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Update time : 2023-01-04 16:00:00

The glass curtain wall should be safety glass similar to the tempered glass produced by tempering furnace, mainly toughened glass, laminated glass, insulating glass, fireproof glass, sun-controlled coated glass and low-radiation coated glass (Low-E). A glass curtain wall composed of different glasses. Its selection criteria are not the same, need to pay attention to the matters are slightly different.

Selection requirements of glass curtain wall:

1. When glass is used as curtain wall, safety glass should be used, and the thickness of glass should not be less than 6mm. The thickness of the glass curtain wall ribbed glass should not be less than 12mm.

2. When the glass curtain wall uses thermal reflection coated glass, vacuum magnetron sputtering coated glass or online thermal spraying coated glass should be used. The appearance quality and technical specifications of float glass used for thermal reflection coated glass shall conform to the requirements of superior or equal products in the current standards.

3. If the glass curtain wall is hollow glass, double seal should be adopted.

Polysulfide sealant should be used for the insulating glass of the curtain wall of the bright frame, and silicone structural sealant and butyl sealant should be used for the insulating glass of the hidden frame and semi-hidden frame curtain wall of the butyl sealant; The coating surface should be on the 2 or 3 surface of the insulating glass.

4. If the glass curtain wall is laminated glass, the laminated glass synthesized by the dry processing of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film should be used. The thickness of the laminated film (PVB) of the laminated glass of the point supporting glass curtain wall shall not be less than 0.76mm.

5. The glass curtain wall is made of toughened glass, which should comply with the provisions.

6. All curtain wall glass should be edged.

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