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What is art glass and which glass can belong to art glass?

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Update time : 2022-09-30 14:53:03

Speaking of the history of glass, it can be said that it is very long. The Egyptians have already begun to make glass in 3700 BC. With the understanding of glass, people began to slowly combine art and glass. Art glass is not only the carrier of colored art glass, it contains the organic products of human perception, emotion and ideals and other psychological activities. Art glass covers all glass products that use glass material as a carrier to express artistic effects and embody design concepts, including handicrafts, decorations, works of art and so on.

Art glass includes the following types:

1. Patterned glass: Patterned glass, also known as patterned glass and knurled glass, is generally used in doors, windows, bathrooms and other places. The patterned glass surface is patterned, which blocks the view but transmits light. Simply put, it has the characteristics of light transmission but opaqueness, and has excellent decorative effect.

2. Sandblasted glass: Sprayed glass and sand sculptured glass are all sandblasted glass. It is a glass product that is processed into an intaglio pattern or a horizontal glass on the glass by an automatic horizontal sandblasting machine or a vertical sandblasting machine. Sandblasted glass is also very different from frosted glass. Sandblasted glass is a process in which water is mixed with emery, and then sprayed on the surface of the glass with high pressure to polish it.

3.Lacquered glass: Lacquered glass is a more expressive decorative glass variety, which can be reflected by spraying, rolling, screen printing or curtain coating. For image wall, private space, etc.

In addition to the above three, there are stained glass, hot nelt glass, embossed glass and so on.

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