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What should we pay attention to when silk screen glass?

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Update time : 2023-02-16 16:00:00

Screen printing is a process in silk screen glass processing, screen printing glass is the high temperature ink through the screen printing process in the glass surface pattern, after tempering or high temperature baking ink and glass surface tightly together, unless the glass is broken, the pattern and glass is not separated. A lot of glass with patterns on the market is silk screen printed. Screen glass should pay attention to the following points when screen printing:

Prepress preparation: In order to achieve good printing results, screen production must be done. The tension of the mesh, the stability of the mesh frame, the error of the pattern making can not exceed 0.05mm. Mesh mesh can be more specific requirements, choose the right mesh, appropriate when some nets also need to do 45 degrees of cable-stayed plate.

Screen printing workshop environment: The most important thing in the processing of glass screen printing panel is the environment of the workshop. It is best to have a 100,000 level dust-free workshop, where workers wear electrostatic suits, masks and hats. Keep the workshop stable and humid.

Silk screen glass ink selection: ink to choose brand ink, why, mainly good ink quality, finer particles, better adhesion, because of the particularity of glass, ink we can choose low temperature ink and high temperature ink. Low temperature ink is generally a double - component ink. High temperature ink is a single component, diluent need to use a special diluent. High temperature ink needs to reflect good adhesion after glass tempering.

Printing of half perspective window: the most important thing in silk screen glass is the printing of half perspective window. The printing requirements are relatively high, requiring that half perspective window has no fine particle points, no scraper pull lines, and the required transmittance index can not change too much.
Post-press packaging treatment: After the glass screen printing, it is necessary to use a film plastic bag to wrap it in a good isolation with pearl cotton. This can effectively avoid the second scratch.

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