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Whether fire resistant glass can be made into arc

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Update time : 2022-11-18 16:00:00

To embody the artistic sense of architecture, strange shape, beautiful arc is indispensable. The design and application of solitary fire resistant glass can be found everywhere in major buildings, such as curved fireproof glass partition and curved fireproof glass curtain wall, so that the building can meet the needs of Bing fire grade.

In the large family of fire resistant glass, single piece of cesium potassium fireproof glass can be processed into arc, but composite fireproof glass, hollow fireproof glass and so on do not have these advantages. Single piece of fireproof glass is processed by the comprehensive reaction of physics and chemistry. The special processing method makes it have good machinability. It provides more products to meet the market demand for fireproof glass manufacturers.

Single piece of cesium potassium arc fire resistant glass has the following advantages:

1. Custom modeling. Single piece of potassium fire resistant glass can be processed and customized according to the mold provided by the demand side. Refined customized processing can provide the demand side with accurate and good performance of arc fireproof glass. For example, the sightseeing elevator requires the curved glass to have high light transmittance and good fire resistance.

2. Excellent fire resistance. Arc fire resistant glass made of a single piece of fireproof glass can be kept at a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius for 1 hour without cracking, which is the data experienced by professional institutions.

3. Anti solar radiation. Arc fire resistant glass made of single piece of fireproof glass is not like composite fireproof glass, after a long period of sun and rain yellow, foaming, blackening, affecting the visual effect. Use a single piece of fireproof glass all these troubles can be ignored, UV radiation resistance, long weather resistance, always keep bright and transparent effect.
4. High intensity. Regardless of arc fire resistant glass as partition wall, elevator glass, building curtain wall glass, can reach high hardness, monolithic fireproof glass hardness is the ordinary float 6-12 times, is toughened glass 1.5-3 times.

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