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Working principle and characteristics of gradual dimming glass

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Update time : 2022-11-03 11:00:00

Dimming glass started in the 1980s, after years of development, dimming glass technology is more and more mature. From a single white to transparent, to blue, green, gray and other diverse colors to transparent, and then developed to now partition control or gradient control. It is not difficult to develop color dimming film on the basis of white dimming film. However, zoning control or gradual dimming technology is more demanding, which can achieve a more variable and clever display effect.

Gradual dimming glass, does not mean the glass itself gradual change, but the dimming glass can adjust the transparency, ordinary dimming glass can only be switched in two ways of transparent and fuzzy, and gradual dimming glass can be set up multiple stalls, different stalls with different transparency, in order to achieve a more intelligent, personalized, dynamic control effect.

Working principle of gradual dimming glass:

The dimming glass is mainly composed of the glass itself, transformer, remote control, circuit, etc. The transformer is the key to the whole system, but also the key to the regulation of transparency. Transformer, control voltage, transformer can be regulated voltage between 0V~48V, only need to grade the voltage in this range, set regulation gear, can achieve dimming glass gradient, the higher the voltage, the higher the transparency of glass.

The dimming glass can only work normally at low voltage. If the 220V power supply is directly connected to the dimming glass, the glass will be directly burned out and cannot be repaired. The normal operation of the dimming glass can only be ensured by voltage conversion through the transformer.

The visual effect impact of gradual atomized glass made of ordinary transparent tempered glass is not obvious. If the tempered glass is replaced with colored transparent glass, its artistic effect can be better reflected. For example, gray transparent glass calm atmosphere, Ford blue transparent glass solemn vitality.. ... Different colors of gradual dimming glass can achieve a different artistic atmosphere.

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